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   Amisha Gadani received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon, worked in science education and exhibit development at the Exploratorium Museum in SF, and currently works as artist in resident for this lab and the UCLA Institute for Society and Genetics.

   Amisha makes kinetic sculptures, drawings, videos, and interactive wearables that address her fascination with the ocean and the unusual adaptations of it's inhabitants. She is keen to get her hands dirty in the research that inspires her and her artwork and thanks the lab for this sweet gig.

1 animal-inspired artist + 1 evolutionary biology lab for 1 year

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Kofferfische = Boxfish

Last week I finally worked on the new boxfish website! We (me, Tina Marcroft (grad), and Jeff Modlin (undergrad)) bought a domain name and decided to make the site on wordpress because I'm familiar with it--though I have never designed a wordpress site only edited one.  Tina and Jeff have been researching boxfishes for a few years and have gathered a lot of information that doesn't make it in their papers.  They're hoping that with this site they will be able to share all the information they collect and not just what fits into their research papers.  Also on the new website we will have educational stop motion animations (which I'll be working on), links to other boxfish researchers and relevant news stories, underwater videos of wild boxfish and more!  

Here are some of the boxfish sketches I made as I work out the style of the animation: